Expressing Light Now is a place for seekers on the path of Self Knowledge to pause and reflect.

My aim is to share lessons and experiences from my life that may illuminate yours.  In so, many ways I have benefitted from the many great and loving people who have gone before me.  It is my sincere desire that these stories reach your heart and mind, assisting you to express your inner Light and Truth.

As a young child, I made some serious judgments about the world and my environment.  I did not feel that my insights into the world had a place.  Despite, the best efforts of loving parents and caring school teachers, I withdrew and barely spoke for several years.  I can recall making a conscious choice NOT to play and be happy, knowing it hurt me.  Whatever, I was seeking at the time I felt was not present in my life.

Since, those early days I have dedicated my life to being of service, being he brightest, kindest, and most loving version of myself.  In short,



This blog is dedicated  to all seekers, but especially those who are motivated by traumatic experiences to transform their lives’ in service to Humanity.

From my heart to yours,