Participate? Not me, I have been too busy collecting insights

Today I participated in a webinar presented by essence producer Sara Turner. Her main message – the Nature Kingdom is here to support us – was delivered in a calm voice. First she asked us to clear our physical space, turn off devices, and light a candle. These cues really helped me to slow down my mind and become present.

Sara explained the power of working with the cycles of the moon. These cycles corresponded with her recent move to France from England. The new moon she explained is a time of setting intentions and planting seeds.

People from around the world signed onto the webinar to participate. We shared problems or challenges in our life with by messaging the group and writing by hand. I had done similar practices in the past. This time however I took pleasure in making both my personal list and sharing online. I targeted past issues like my anger about the school systems of the world and their lack of opportunity for children to express themselves creatively.  I also included present doubts and fears about the success of my new company. Since beginning work back in May we have struggled to pay employees (myself included) on time.

Listing what our heart yearns for was the next exercise. People shared a wide range of desires such as new homes and improved relationships. My sheet started out with being recognized in public. I am only recently admitting or maybe acknowledging this desire to myself. I also dared to write Bliss and centers for sharing essences. I have ignored or hesitated to sit with the question of what my heart yearns for most of my life. My goals either seemed too insignificant (I need to make shifts in society by transforming how youth with mental health are supported to find jobs or transition to adulthood) or too grand (I want to fall passionately in Love). The result of my demanding and perfectionist approach was too often inaction. Other times I spread myself too thin by chasing many goals without much clarity about why I was depleting my energy in this way.

What amazed me about the webinar was that I was feeling mature enough to participate fully. At the beginning of the webinar I made notes how the class was taught. The thought running in my mind – I need to gather all the information I can about how to run a webinar or workshop before doing it! This time however my information seeking and critical self actually chilled out.

So refreshing! What a gift! I cannot imagine how much energy I have spent seeking the “perfect” or “best” path forward instead of simply taking action. Lacking in humility I missed many opportunities to learn and let in support from others. It felt unacceptable to be a beginner. I felt the need to already be good at whatever I was taking on (for example, I have been intending to start a blog like this since before I started grad school 3 years ago).

I feel very grateful to have participated in this new moon webinar. I look forward to my business coaching session with Sara next week! More growth is at hand and very likely it will come from participating fully as opposed to collecting insights for a future opportunity to move forward free of risk of making a fool of myself.

In order to support this leap of faith I made a custom remedy with the label below.  Contact me at to schedule a sessions or request a custom remedy.





START WHERE YOU ARE :) Essences and Art Installation – Imagination Station 1.0

I have a confession to make. I have been struggling to share my thoughts on essences. I feel clueless about what people want to know. Writing seems so flat compared to the rich, complex, and unique experience that taking an essence allows.

So, I am looking to share essences with the public through an art installation. Really, this is an opportunity to explore creativity and the joy of adding essences to the mix.

The big lesson of today is to start where I am.

That means taking one picture and posting to Instagram.

Essence and tomato
Essence and tomato

That means writing this post. It can be edited later. It can be changed. Now is the time to share something, anything to propel me forward.

I feel like I have made writing about the amazing capabilities of vibrational essences too much about me. This makes some sense since my identity is closely tied to using and sharing Light Expression Essences.

So, today I make a breakthrough. Despite the doubts, the lack of clarity about where this will go. Today I share my voice, as it is. I risk this much and will risk more in days to come.

Join me on this journey. Let’s play on the edge, suck deep the air around us, and take the leaps that we know we must.

In Love,