START WHERE YOU ARE :) Essences and Art Installation – Imagination Station 1.0

I have a confession to make. I have been struggling to share my thoughts on essences. I feel clueless about what people want to know. Writing seems so flat compared to the rich, complex, and unique experience that taking an essence allows.

So, I am looking to share essences with the public through an art installation. Really, this is an opportunity to explore creativity and the joy of adding essences to the mix.

The big lesson of today is to start where I am.

That means taking one picture and posting to Instagram.

Essence and tomato
Essence and tomato

That means writing this post. It can be edited later. It can be changed. Now is the time to share something, anything to propel me forward.

I feel like I have made writing about the amazing capabilities of vibrational essences too much about me. This makes some sense since my identity is closely tied to using and sharing Light Expression Essences.

So, today I make a breakthrough. Despite the doubts, the lack of clarity about where this will go. Today I share my voice, as it is. I risk this much and will risk more in days to come.

Join me on this journey. Let’s play on the edge, suck deep the air around us, and take the leaps that we know we must.

In Love,


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