GROUNDED: An Essence for Tumultuous Times

When I test for vibrational essences it is not uncommon to find patterns emerge and insights are ripe to be harvested.  Over the past 3 weeks I have been focusing A LOT on finding new employment and getting clear on what that is to be. While doing this I find myself often distracted by political news and the lure of social media.

So, I  made remedies to help with:

1)  Motivation (I often get overwhelmed)

2)  Valuing my work (negotiating with clients)

3)  And, overcoming technical challenges (building a portfolio website is more difficult than I realized)


One common thread I noticed this morning is that the essence GROUNDED was in each formula I made (often twice!).

So, I turned the definition and these passages popped out me.

Grounding in divine energy during meditation  and connecting with Earth and the physical body during times of feeling airy and out of body.


This is also a good combination solution to take during the birthing process.

Well, I certainly feel like I am birthing a  new career and the process often leaves me feeling quite in my head wondering what’s the BEST strategy or the FASTEST way to land a job.

As, I continue working with these remedies I am realizing there is no best way or a shortcut.  Step-by-step action is what I feel capable of doing after spraying myself with my GROUNDED infused formulas.  Your response to a custom formula is unique to you.

Here are a few questions to consider in these tumultuous times:

What areas of your life are you birthing new ideas or ways of being?

How might GROUNDED support your journey?

Which of your spiritual practices might you deepen with GROUNDED sprayed before, during, or after?

Happy birthing and grounding to you in this life, this day, and this moment!



Essences for Action – A Portfolio to Dharma Life

Dharma Essences and my life are one.

I share images and descriptions of my professional work on a portfolio website with help from this formula.

My intention is to gather the resources and skills and connections to spread Dharma Essences.

I have financial commitments and needs.  These are finite.  God’s Grace is Infinite.

Om Shanti

Purpose: Portfolio to Dharma Family Essence Formula: Grounded to Quartz Clematis Vine Insights: Shi Fu to One at at time