GROUNDED: An Essence for Tumultuous Times

When I test for vibrational essences it is not uncommon to find patterns emerge and insights are ripe to be harvested.  Over the past 3 weeks I have been focusing A LOT on finding new employment and getting clear on what that is to be. While doing this I find myself often distracted by political news and the lure of social media.

So, I  made remedies to help with:

1)  Motivation (I often get overwhelmed)

2)  Valuing my work (negotiating with clients)

3)  And, overcoming technical challenges (building a portfolio website is more difficult than I realized)


One common thread I noticed this morning is that the essence GROUNDED was in each formula I made (often twice!).

So, I turned the definition and these passages popped out me.

Grounding in divine energy during meditation  and connecting with Earth and the physical body during times of feeling airy and out of body.


This is also a good combination solution to take during the birthing process.

Well, I certainly feel like I am birthing a  new career and the process often leaves me feeling quite in my head wondering what’s the BEST strategy or the FASTEST way to land a job.

As, I continue working with these remedies I am realizing there is no best way or a shortcut.  Step-by-step action is what I feel capable of doing after spraying myself with my GROUNDED infused formulas.  Your response to a custom formula is unique to you.

Here are a few questions to consider in these tumultuous times:

What areas of your life are you birthing new ideas or ways of being?

How might GROUNDED support your journey?

Which of your spiritual practices might you deepen with GROUNDED sprayed before, during, or after?

Happy birthing and grounding to you in this life, this day, and this moment!



Essences for Action – A Portfolio to Dharma Life

Dharma Essences and my life are one.

I share images and descriptions of my professional work on a portfolio website with help from this formula.

My intention is to gather the resources and skills and connections to spread Dharma Essences.

I have financial commitments and needs.  These are finite.  God’s Grace is Infinite.

Om Shanti

Purpose: Portfolio to Dharma Family Essence Formula: Grounded to Quartz Clematis Vine Insights: Shi Fu to One at at time

I want to be loved and praised… And I don’t want to tell you


I feel I am in a bind.  It’s been this way a while and I am ready to do something different.  On the one hand I feel that I can’t share my gifts with you because you won’t get them.  On the other hand I feel like you aren’t worthy of what I have to offer.  Basically, I am feeling greedy and unwilling to share that I am learning to work with you in you pain and joy – light and darkness.

I must overcome my terror at feeling even the smallest tinge of criticism.  Yet, I have a habit of not asking for help.  I don’t share myself with you and I remain safe (sort of) and alone.  But, I feel that I need to share my desire to contribute.  That I have worked to develop a collection of healing tools – Light Expression Essences with a group of other dedicated people who know they have issues to clean up and keep working week in and week out.  And… they work really well, aren’t stagnant and keep me moving forward to despite the inner challenges I just described.

The fears I feel sound kind of like this, “if I let you take care of me then who will be taking care of you and the others.”  My perceptions of grandiosity are such that I sense if I don’t give myself to you than something horrible, dreadful, and irreversible will take place.  All from letting go of care giving so that I can receive.  The truth that nobody can give all the time is seen as having little importance in my mind.  Not to mention the budding realization that maybe if I let someone help me, this will benefit them too!

My intention for 2016 is to share with the world my gifts.  This will allow me to experience how they are received and then make adjustments.  Frankly, I am so tired of feeling like whatever I am doing needs to be better, deeper, more helpful than the next modality, method, or approach.  I do want to make a contribution.  I do want to be recognized.  I do want to get your feedback.  Ultimately, I am willing to feel my immaturity and grow through it into the unknown to offer more of myself.

Here is a vision board I made on New Year’s Day with my mother.  I am now making a commitment to trust again and again in the ability that the world as individuals and a community can offer ourself honesty, care, and leaps in new directions in 2016.  I am excited to share this journey with you all!




Gratitude to John Mixan + The Essence Loss and Grief

My step father John Mixan left his body 4 years ago on September 14th. I am grateful for new insights and healing around his life and death.

John passed just 4 days before my birthday, letting go after a long battle with prostate cancer. Roughly a year prior I distanced myself emotionally from the kind man who was always there to listen to me and provide gentle encouragement. At a lunch with my mother in 2011 John told he did not want to or was unable to feel emotions related to his cancer. He did not want to work with essences.

Fast forward to last week I felt an anger not dissimilar from what I felt that day in response to a person at a 5-day workshop called Radical Aliveness. This lead to me processing John’s passing in a new way. The experience was transformative, I was brought to tears and a profound realization.


After the workshop came to a close I stayed behind not wanting to leave angry. I had interrupted another participant when she was telling her story and did not include herself when discussing the group. The anger I felt at her judging the group’s healing process brought me face to face with the fact that I closed myself off to John in his final days.

So, I had been using the Light Expression essences Loss and Grief, Astrology Essences and a custom remedy made to support my own and the other 30 participants at the workshop to feel more connected and at peace.

With the support of 3 new friends I released guilt I felt about distancing myself emotionally from John and feeling like I failed to save him. Now, I know rationally that it wasn’t my responsibility to care for him, to heal him. Yet, I felt terrible because I was unable to help him. This realization lead to me affirming that I can love my family and not feeling responsible. Finally, I felt and now stand in the truth that I can love my family and not feel responsible for their well being.

I feel more free than I have in a long time! I want more and will apply to the Radical Aliveness training program starting next month.

What a big week. Essences truly have the ability to peel away layers of pain. With the support of courageous people who care for us new levels of joy and expression was experienced. Thank you John. Thank you to all of the Radical Aliveness leaders and participants. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday week.

Custom Essence Remedies to Support Fashion Week Build

Last week was stressful!  With my boss gone to Burning Man I was charged with managing my first project Arch Production and Design – a window LED installation for a fashion week after-party.

I knew the project was going to require extra planning as I was unfamiliar with the tools and tasks needed for the job. With so many installation artists gone or on other jobs for fashion week I was struggling to find help for the job.

Faced with the job being less than a week I made a custom remedy using mineral, flower and nature essences to support myself and team.  This was on top of a spray I had made earlier in the week for my anxiety around managing the shop with limited resources.FullSizeRender (1)

Friends from grad school came to my rescue to make the installation a success.  We worked long hours, pulled in help from temp workers, and rallied our crew to complete the job.  I sprayed myself and co-workers with the custom Fashion Week Remedy throughout.

Every time I sprayed my anxiety would go down, my thoughts become more clear and my actions more decisive.

In the end the project was a huge success (and the party a lot of fun :))!  With the help of a custom essence spray our team navigated a tricky job on a tight schedule.  The installation was beautiful, the experience at the end peaceful, and the job profitable.

I am curious how custom remedies can generate more clarity in interactions with clients and crew while planning our next installation!IMG_3358

Participate? Not me, I have been too busy collecting insights

Today I participated in a webinar presented by essence producer Sara Turner. Her main message – the Nature Kingdom is here to support us – was delivered in a calm voice. First she asked us to clear our physical space, turn off devices, and light a candle. These cues really helped me to slow down my mind and become present.

Sara explained the power of working with the cycles of the moon. These cycles corresponded with her recent move to France from England. The new moon she explained is a time of setting intentions and planting seeds.

People from around the world signed onto the webinar to participate. We shared problems or challenges in our life with by messaging the group and writing by hand. I had done similar practices in the past. This time however I took pleasure in making both my personal list and sharing online. I targeted past issues like my anger about the school systems of the world and their lack of opportunity for children to express themselves creatively.  I also included present doubts and fears about the success of my new company. Since beginning work back in May we have struggled to pay employees (myself included) on time.

Listing what our heart yearns for was the next exercise. People shared a wide range of desires such as new homes and improved relationships. My sheet started out with being recognized in public. I am only recently admitting or maybe acknowledging this desire to myself. I also dared to write Bliss and centers for sharing essences. I have ignored or hesitated to sit with the question of what my heart yearns for most of my life. My goals either seemed too insignificant (I need to make shifts in society by transforming how youth with mental health are supported to find jobs or transition to adulthood) or too grand (I want to fall passionately in Love). The result of my demanding and perfectionist approach was too often inaction. Other times I spread myself too thin by chasing many goals without much clarity about why I was depleting my energy in this way.

What amazed me about the webinar was that I was feeling mature enough to participate fully. At the beginning of the webinar I made notes how the class was taught. The thought running in my mind – I need to gather all the information I can about how to run a webinar or workshop before doing it! This time however my information seeking and critical self actually chilled out.

So refreshing! What a gift! I cannot imagine how much energy I have spent seeking the “perfect” or “best” path forward instead of simply taking action. Lacking in humility I missed many opportunities to learn and let in support from others. It felt unacceptable to be a beginner. I felt the need to already be good at whatever I was taking on (for example, I have been intending to start a blog like this since before I started grad school 3 years ago).

I feel very grateful to have participated in this new moon webinar. I look forward to my business coaching session with Sara next week! More growth is at hand and very likely it will come from participating fully as opposed to collecting insights for a future opportunity to move forward free of risk of making a fool of myself.

In order to support this leap of faith I made a custom remedy with the label below.  Contact me at to schedule a sessions or request a custom remedy.




START WHERE YOU ARE :) Essences and Art Installation – Imagination Station 1.0

I have a confession to make. I have been struggling to share my thoughts on essences. I feel clueless about what people want to know. Writing seems so flat compared to the rich, complex, and unique experience that taking an essence allows.

So, I am looking to share essences with the public through an art installation. Really, this is an opportunity to explore creativity and the joy of adding essences to the mix.

The big lesson of today is to start where I am.

That means taking one picture and posting to Instagram.

Essence and tomato
Essence and tomato

That means writing this post. It can be edited later. It can be changed. Now is the time to share something, anything to propel me forward.

I feel like I have made writing about the amazing capabilities of vibrational essences too much about me. This makes some sense since my identity is closely tied to using and sharing Light Expression Essences.

So, today I make a breakthrough. Despite the doubts, the lack of clarity about where this will go. Today I share my voice, as it is. I risk this much and will risk more in days to come.

Join me on this journey. Let’s play on the edge, suck deep the air around us, and take the leaps that we know we must.

In Love,


Expressing Light Now is a place for seekers on the path of Self Knowledge to pause and reflect.

My aim is to share lessons and experiences from my life that may illuminate yours.  In so, many ways I have benefitted from the many great and loving people who have gone before me.  It is my sincere desire that these stories reach your heart and mind, assisting you to express your inner Light and Truth.

As a young child, I made some serious judgments about the world and my environment.  I did not feel that my insights into the world had a place.  Despite, the best efforts of loving parents and caring school teachers, I withdrew and barely spoke for several years.  I can recall making a conscious choice NOT to play and be happy, knowing it hurt me.  Whatever, I was seeking at the time I felt was not present in my life.

Since, those early days I have dedicated my life to being of service, being he brightest, kindest, and most loving version of myself.  In short,



This blog is dedicated  to all seekers, but especially those who are motivated by traumatic experiences to transform their lives’ in service to Humanity.

From my heart to yours,