Custom Essence Remedies to Support Fashion Week Build

Last week was stressful!  With my boss gone to Burning Man I was charged with managing my first project Arch Production and Design – a window LED installation for a fashion week after-party.

I knew the project was going to require extra planning as I was unfamiliar with the tools and tasks needed for the job. With so many installation artists gone or on other jobs for fashion week I was struggling to find help for the job.

Faced with the job being less than a week I made a custom remedy using mineral, flower and nature essences to support myself and team.  This was on top of a spray I had made earlier in the week for my anxiety around managing the shop with limited resources.FullSizeRender (1)

Friends from grad school came to my rescue to make the installation a success.  We worked long hours, pulled in help from temp workers, and rallied our crew to complete the job.  I sprayed myself and co-workers with the custom Fashion Week Remedy throughout.

Every time I sprayed my anxiety would go down, my thoughts become more clear and my actions more decisive.

In the end the project was a huge success (and the party a lot of fun :))!  With the help of a custom essence spray our team navigated a tricky job on a tight schedule.  The installation was beautiful, the experience at the end peaceful, and the job profitable.

I am curious how custom remedies can generate more clarity in interactions with clients and crew while planning our next installation!IMG_3358