Vibrational Healing Sessions

Custom Essence Label
Custom Essence Label

Why choose to do session work with Light Expression Essences?

Essences are vibrational wisdom from Nature. The Light Expression Essence collection is a comprehensive tool box capable of bringing light to the darkest corners of the Soul.

A custom essence remedy brings Wholeness information into a person’s energetic field. The essence remedy expands limiting perspectives and brings issues ready to be healed to the surface of awareness.

No two sessions are the same – this is highly collaborative work informed by intuition.

During a session clients take essences in a variety manners. For example, different essences may be experienced with breath or in the palm of the hand.

Clients leave every session with a two ounce spray bottle prepared during the session. Additionally, key definitions and themes that impart insight are sent to via email to aid reflection.

To book a session contact Benjamin at or 347.986.8990

Are you tending the garden of your Soul?


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